Reviews & Interviews

“Equal parts reference companion, PETA-esque manifesto, and concept album, Alexander’s collection takes on the lowly chicken from all angles, then renders his findings into a multiplicity of forms.”

Birds and Neutrino Observatories” by Neil Surkan. Canadian Literature. January 25, 2019.

Why David Alexander gives a cluck about writing poetry on chickens.” Magic 8 Q&A on CBC Books. August 2018

Review on Arts Report CITR 101.9 FM. August 22, 2018

Reading / Interview on Howl CIUT. July 10, 2018

12 or 20 Questions. rob mclennan’s blog. June 2018

“Crossing time zones and states of mind each poem is an individuated, self contained-riff on how we got to cram all those birds in small heated spaces and forgot our own modest beginnings in the doing.”

Revenge of the Battery Hen” by John Stiles.  How Yah Doon? April 2018

“Part empathy exercise, part vegetarian manifesto, Chicken Scratch revels in the experimentation and play characteristic of all the work published by the Kingston-based Puddles of Sky Press, which is a ten-dollar way of saying these poems are all about chickens.”

Chapbook Review: Chicken Scratch by David Alexander” by Bardia Sinaee., Dec 2015